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Video: Decontamination of Children (27:24)

  • Decontamination of Children (HHS/AHRQ): about this video
    • Provides a step-by-step decontamination demonstration in real time, and trains clinicians about the nuances of treating infants and children, who require special attention during decontamination.
      • For example, children may be frightened not only by the emergency situation itself, but also by the decontamination process as well.
      • Decontamination of children also takes longer than decontamination of adults.
    • Describes chemical decontamination of children; many aspects of radiation decontamination are similar.
    • Explains why it is very important for health care institutions to establish a pediatric-specific decontamination plan and train to implement it.
    • Some of the important differences between chemical decontamination (shown in the video) and radiation decontamination (not shown in the video) include:
  • Source of this video
    • The staff at Children's Hospital Boston and Michael and Shannon, M.D., M.P.H., formerly Chief of the Division of Emergency Medicine of Children's Hospital Boston, are featured in the video.
    • This video was originally produced in 2005 with funding from HHS/AHRQ.
    • The AHRQ page describing the original video
    • This video is now also hosted on the REMM web site YouTube channel.


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