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Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM)
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Download REMM to Your Computer

  1. Quick download for Windows computers
  2. Quick download for Mac computers
  3. Download REMM for iPad
  4. Download via file

  • There are several options for downloading REMM files to your computer
  • This will install almost all REMM files on your computer.
  • Some of the largest REMM video files are not included, however, as this would have made the download too large.
  • This version of REMM Version 2.1 (November, 2014) should be downloaded to replace Version 2.0 (April, 2014).

Quick Download for Windows Computers (121 MB)

  • Install REMM on your computer, and put a REMM icon on your Desktop
  • Install REMM on your USB drive

  • Installation issues: If the network security policies at your institution have restrictions that prevent installing applications like REMM, you can download the zip file, but you will need to follow all the instructions on this page for downloading the file and unpacking and configuring the REMM files
  • System requirements: Allow running of scripts or ActiveX controls. More...

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Quick Download for Mac Computer

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Download REMM for iPad

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Download the file (Windows, Mac, or Unix computers)


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