Triage and Transport: Multimedia Library

Triage Systems

START Triage
START adult triage algorithm (Algorithm)
JumpSTART Triage
JumpSTART pediatric triage algorithm (Algorithm)
SALT Triage
SALT mass casualty triage algorithm (Algorithm)
Hospital approach algorithm
For patients with radiation injury and/or trauma presenting after an IND (Algorithm)
REAC/TS triage algorithm
REAC/TS algorithm for triage & treatment for contaminated and/or exposed patients (Algorithm)
Triage categories and cytokine use after nuclear detonation
Triage category and cytokine use after nuclear detonation (Tool)
Triage tag sample
Example of a commercial CBRNE triage tag (Wikipedia) (Photo)
RTR System after Detonation of an IND
RTR System after nuclear detonation (Illustration)
More details about RTR triage system - locations for clinical activities
Locations for clinical activities (Illustration)

Clinical Algorithms

Contamination vs. exposure
Differences between contamination and exposure (Animation)
Exposure (ARS) patient management algorithm
Exposure: diagnose/ manage Acute Radiation Syndrome (Algorithm)
Contamination patient management algorithm
Contamination: diagnose/manage (Algorithm)
Exposure and Contamination patient management algorithm
Exposure + Contamination: diagnose/manage (Algorithm)

Transporting Contaminated Patients

onsite management and transport of contaminated patients
Transportation accident involving radioactive material (YouTube - 18:18 min) (Video)
Decontamination dressdown at a transportation accident involving radioactive material
After a radiation transportation incident (YouTube - 15:59 min) (Video)
Prehospital management of contaminated patients
Managing contaminated patients at the scene (YouTube - 12:00 min) (Video)
Handling radioactive decedents
Training for handling radioactive decedents (Video - 10:00 min)

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