Installing REMM on Mac

  • Installation of REMM was tested on
    • Mac OS X
    • Browsers - Firefox and Safari
  • Instructions:
    1. To download REMM, control-click or right click on this link (316 MB). Do not double click on the link.
      Save the .dmg file to your desktop.
    2. Double click on the REMM_Install.dmg file that has just been downloaded. A new icon labeled REMM_Install will appear on your desktop. It might take a few seconds for this icon to appear.

      Screen capture of REMM_Install icon on Mac desktop

    3. Double click on REMM_Install, to open a Finder window.
    4. In the Finder window, drag and drop the REMM folder to "Application" folder as shown. You might be prompted to authenticate the installation by entering in your administrator password. REMM is now installed on your machine.

      Screen capture of Step 3 and Step 4 on Mac desktop

    5. To launch REMM from your Finder window, open the REMM folder located in your machine's Applications folder.

      Screen capture of Step 5 on Mac desktop

    6. Click on the REMM icon to start the REMM Home Page.

    7. Screen capture of Step 6 on Mac desktop

    8. Clean up by ejecting the REMM_Install folder and you can delete the REMM_Install.dmg file.

      Screen capture of Step 7 on Mac desktop